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Is a family owned Online Marketing and Mobile App Development company.
We take pride in our job of impacting new customers for you and developing more fulfilled relationships with your current customers.
We measure our successes by the ways we touch the lives of people and making a difference with their businesses.
We also just happen to make great websites, ready to join us?

Christine Purvis

I have owned and operated a few small businesses through out the years.  I started a daycare center in my early 20's and grew it to a successful business with over fifty children, and a waiting list. In my 30's and 40's, I helped open a retail store and a laundromat.
Over the years I have learned through real life experiences about what works with marketing and what is BS.   More importantly... I study online and offline marketing daily, the most current research and test everything old and new.

The most gratification I receive is when I can help others solve problems and give guidance to methods that really do work.

Together with my husband, Paul we do this with Cloud12Publishing.

As  small business owners ourselves, we recognize the challenges that overwhelm small business owners.  Having to compete with bigger companies who have a lot of money to spend on marketing is frustrating.

We understand the dissatisfaction of dealing with hard pressure sales people, promises of services only later not fulfilled.  We know the feeling of wasted money and the distrust that goes along with all this as well. Going through these experiences and watching other business owners go through them is what motivated us to offer better solutions and quality service to local business owners at a price they can afford.

Paul and I started this company to make a difference, develop relationships and build strong businesses.  Together we all win

Paul Purvis


Most business owners don't realize the game they are in. This is where we come in and make a difference. We put perspective, hard earned lessons, a focus to the future, and vision back into your business.

As an owner of multiple business adventures; a teacher of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Economics; a coach of 82 championships at the national, state, and district levels; I have experienced, studied, and taught what makes businesses relevant and prevalent in today's competitive arena.

My biggest joy is my wife and family
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