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Why A Mobile App?

Keep your members connected and engaged for a stronger organization
In today's competitive mobile-driven economy, staying ahead of the competition is key
And staying in communication with your customers/ members is a vital component
90% of the time spent on a mobile device takes place in mobile apps. 



Full APP Design

✔ Custom graphics/photo selection and retouching

✔ Professional Site Design

✔ Fast Setup

✔ Google Maps Integration

✔ Connect Social Media

✔ Search Engine Optimization Built-In

✔ Cross Browser Testing

✔ Connect Your Domain

✔ Safe & secured with an SSL certificate

Unlimited Support

✔ Secure Owner Login

How Designing An App With Us Works:

The process of getting a custom app may seem mysterious. Or expensive. Or complicated. In fact, our Mobile service is none of the above.
We make it as easy as 1-2-3 (and 4)

 Start the Process

All it takes to get started is an email or call to Cloud12Publishing.  We’ll design a free demo so you and your staff can see exactly what an app for your organization can do and how it can perform.  We’ll provide you with a checklist of features so you can pick and choose what you want.

 Create the App

Using information provided by you, we’ll create your app with all the bells and whistles you desire. Because we start with a proven platform, development is quick! We also work with your website and your team, to add information to enhance your app to keep your members engaged.

 Launch the App

Your community/ organization app will be free and available to the public on iTunes and Google Play and will have its own page on iTunes, making it easy for people to find and download. To accelerate the pace of adoption, we will happily suggest promotional ideas as well.

 Maintain Your App

Once your app is built, we’ll show you how to keep the content fresh and up to date with our integrated content management system.  You will have a special log in to your Cloud12Publishing App account and we will always be a call away to help with any support you may need.

Why Choose Cloud12Publishing for your App Design?

We give you our all
There’s a lot of power packed in our websites and apps. In addition to all the information, we support you at every step. We’re also always adding more features so you becomes the “go to” source for what people want and need to know about your organization.  Our job is to make you look good!
We make you a hero
People want to know what’s happening and how to respond. An  app makes our leaders heroes by giving you the ability to reach every smart phone and android user with real-time alerts wherever they are.  This communication tool is vital in emergency situations and when news and alerts need to happen instantly
We go both ways
IOS (Smart phones) and Android platform, either way, we’ve got smart apps!
This way you serve everyone in your organization and no one is let out of the loop!
We’re flexible
Some app providers require you to buy a website in order to get an app or include other “strings.” Not Us. We make it easy to go live with your own customized app for your organization. Get the app only or add a website. It’s your choice!
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We make updates easy
Cloud12Publishing includes a content management system that allows for instant content updates. You can also assign multiple editors and even control what section of the app they can edit.  We make it easy and help with every step!
We Listen
Feedback from clients like you has enabled us to build some of the most robust, easy to use and maintain apps available. Should you have a question, a comment or need help, you’ll talk to a real person every time.  We strive to always keep improving for you
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We’re in it for the long haul
We’re here to help clients connect and communicate with organizations. With our ongoing commitment to development, you’ll always receive the best mobile app solutions from Cloud12Publishing
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And last...We’re affordable
We want every small business to have a mobile presence and access to vital communication to their followers.  We feel this is an essential service so we’ve priced it accordingly. No charges for updates. Just a simple monthly subscription for hosting, security and maintenance

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